Network Marketing: A Future Within Reach

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you must have seen the demand for business rise on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. When you browse your news feed, you may find posts and photos with phrases like, “Join me” or, “Who wants to try?” or, “I’m having a party, who’s coming?”

There has been a tremendous shift in social media posts from people offering business opportunities to their friends and acquaintances. Why are we seeing a trend of these types of posts across social media? Why has there been such a rise in these start-up businesses? Why does it appear that everyone is joining the crowd?

Here’s the thing: IT’S WORKING.

We’re living in an economy that in many instances requires two incomes to pay the bills. With the daily 9–5 grind, childcare expenses, and time away from family, households are suffering. Growing tired of living paycheck to paycheck, people are searching for new avenues to supplement their income.

The direct selling industry provides the small business owner with an opportunity for financial success. And guess what? Direct selling (network marketing) is not a pyramid scheme. That point is pretty easy to digest because pyramid schemes are illegal. Network marketing is actually creating opportunities for millions to start a home business.

Think of the traditional brick and mortar business. Is there management to provide direction to employees? Does that manager have a boss? Is there an even bigger boss? Do those on top make the most money?

Yes, yes and yes!

All of those bosses and bigger bosses rely on their employees to do a good job in order for their company to be successful. And what about the little guys? Well, if the worker bees are motivated and perform well, they’ll move up in the company and be rewarded with a promotion and a bigger paycheck, plus the occasional bonus. This is the same way network marketing companies work. But they also offer myriad other benefits, including personal development, exciting recognition, travel opportunities and lasting friendships.

If you eat the best meal of your life at a new restaurant, do you tell your friends about it? If you score a great deal on a new pair of shoes you are madly in love with, do you share it?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then you are already participating in network marketing, or “social sharing.” People love to share their opinions and a great deal. Network marketing capitalizes on this word-of-mouth marketing — the most effective kind!

Support small business.

When you’re buying from a chain, you’re helping contribute to the retirement of the CEO who may or may not be a millionaire. When you’re buying from a small business owner, you’re helping to put food on the table, pay for piano lessons, pay down a medical bill, or contribute to someone’s ability to have more time with their children.

And there’s nothing small about these small businesses in terms of the amount of time and effort these burgeoning entrepreneurs put in. It’s more than setting up a few meetings or creating a few posts on social media. It’s staying up late and getting up early to be there for your team as you strategize ways to grow your business. It’s finding a balanced authenticity in your approach to social media to enable you to stand out from the crowd of awkward business posts. It’s a consistent effort to better yourself through personal development each and every day.

The beauty of the Envisionary Life business model is that it works wherever you are and whatever your circumstances. Successful Envisionary Life Distributors are professionals, such as doctors, lawyers and educators.. They’re stay-at-home moms who are supplementing or replacing lost income. Some have never had the opportunity for an education, but have the smarts and tenacity to create a successful business.

Simply put, Envisionary Life, a global opportunity that empowers you to take control of a financial future within reach. Reach to us for more information:

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